I appreciate what I have seen in the clinic and the noble work offered to the poors specially. [Abdullah Omer Naseef, Vice-President, Parliament of Saudi Arabia-KSA]
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Phulwari Sharif, Patna, Phone: 0612-2257012


Estd. 1992

Sensing the importance of Computer, the great visionary Hazrat Quazi Sb. did not lag behind in equipping the educated youths of the community in particular and other in general with the knowledge of Computer Science. In the year 1993 along with I.T.I. trades it was established to impart teaching and training of different Computer courses. The institute has an attractive Computer Laboratory, a rich Library and is manned by experienced and qualified teacher. Since then this institute has been producing more than hundreds of Computer trained personnel who have succeeded in transforming their lots out of their earnings both within and out side India. Teaching and training are carried out for one year certificate course called COPA (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant), two years Diploma course in P.G.D.C.A. and three years Degrees course called B.C.A. All are duly recognized by Govt. and Universities. The product of this Institute can be found working in U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Australia and in a number of Middle East countries besides India.

Table showing the position:

Name of the Dept. Course Duration Eligibility Sanctioned seats for admission every year Present Position No. of Students passed out since 19995-2002
1st Year 2nd Year
PGDCA 1Year 10+2+3 60 10 x 176
DCP 1Year 10+2 60 x x 374
DCA 1Year 10+2 60 14 x 374
DCA with DTP 1Year Matriculation 80 80 x 175
BCA 3years 10+2 60 16 x x

Total Product till 2002 = 1099    


S.No. Name of the Course Recognized by Duration Eligibility Admission cycle Course Fee
1. B.C.A. Makhanlal University Bhopal 3 yrs. 10+2 Jan. / July 24000/-
2. D.C.A " 1 yr. 10+2 Jan. / July 7000/-
3. P.G.D.C.A " 1 yr. 10+2 Jan. / July 8000/-
4. D.C.A. with Multilingual Ministry of HRD and DOEAC Society Govt. of India 1 yr. Matric October 3500/-
5. C.O.P.A NCVT Govt, of India 1 yr. 10+2 August 7000/-



  1. As is evident from its objectives, it is not a commercial institution. The teaching and training is imparted in a standard academic environment where besides technical education, students are trained with high sense of social and national responsibilities, bearing a good moral character conserving their religions, language and culture on very nominal expenses compared to other institution of the State.
  2. The trainees here are equipped with the knowledge of Arabic as well.

There is a rich library in our Institute which possesses valuable and standard books magazines and periodicals containing latest development in the fields of different trades. The library hall is used as a reading room as well and it is open to students from 9.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M. Books are issued to the individual students on the library card. The library is managed by a teacher and librarian.


The institute possesses two big rented houses situated near the institute, which are used as hostels having accommodation of 75 students. Students desiring to avail hostel facility have to apply at the time of admission itself. However, accommodation in the hostel is provided on the considerable lower rate keeping in view the condition of the students. We provide medical facilities to our students in case of illness through Maulana Sajjad Memorial Hospital run by our trust.


To encourage the poor but meritorious students we have got some provisions to provide financial assistance to them after they are admitted in the institute. For the purpose, the Institute maintains a poor boys fund P.B.F. Our sincere services have attracted the attention of some other organizations as well who provide financial assistance to our meritorious and poor students.


It is universal truth that discipline is the precondition for the peace progress and prosperity. In this background it is an open secret that without the enforcement of strict discipline we would not be able to develop the institutions as a model one which is our prime objective. In this view of the matter the students admitted in this institute shall have to abide by the rules regulations and the directions of the Management at all costs. The Management reserves the right to penalize and even to expel and remove a student found indulged in acts of indiscipline as such acts are not in the interest of any one.


Admission to various courses in our institute is open to all without any distinction or religion, caste and creed on all India written test basis conducted by the Institute and only successful candidates are admitted on merit basis.
The admission notice is given in all the leading National and State level newspaper and through handbills, banners, posters and electronics media that contain detailed information with regard to submission of application from and date or written test admissions. Proper timing for admission is mentioned in the table above.

(a) Tuition fee has to be deposited semester wise.
(b) After admission no amount will be refunded even if some body drops his/her study for any reason in the institute.


  1. The Trainees admitted in the Institute have to abide by the rules and regulation of the Institute strictly.
  2. The Management reserves the right to take stern disciplinary action against a trainee if found indulged in acts of indiscipline.
  3. Punctuality is the essence of discipline. If one comes late by 15 minutes, he may not be allowed to attend the classes.
  4. Classes must be attended regularly. A trainee who absent him self from training for 10 consecutive days without permission or information will be treated as absconder and his name will be struck off with effect from the day of his absence. However if the trainee returns up with in 2 weeks he may be admitted on payment of Rs. 200/- as readmission charge.
  5. For an unauthorized absence by a trainee, the Principal has the right to impose suitable fine and on violation of the rules and regulation, be any trainee, he/her can be expelled and removed from the institution.
  6. Student who has less than 75% attendance of actual working day is not eligible to appear in the Semester examination conducted by Makhanlal University, Bhopal, M.P.
S. Nizamuddin
President, Trust
Prof. A. Mateen
Director, Trust
Anisur Rahman Qasmi
Secretary, Trust
Er. Mazhar Iqbal
Study Centre & Academic Incharge


S.No. Name Qualification Designation
1. Mr. Mazhar Eqbal B.E. (Computer Science)

Academic Incharge

2. Miss. Tanzeem Fatima MCA, DOEAC (A- Level)  
3. Miss. Rubina Tanzeem B.Sc. (Computer Applications)  
4. Mr. Rizwanul Haque Khan M.A. (Psy.)
P.G. Diploma in Computer Application
Diploma in System Management
Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)
5. Mr. Irfan Ahmad
M.Sc. (Math)
P.G. Diploma in Computer Application
6. Mr. Nadeem Iqbal B.A. (Hon.)
P.G. Diploma in Computer Application
Doing M.C.A
7. Mr. Tauhid Khan Diploma in Computer Application
Diploma in Web Designing
8. Mr. Md. Samiuddin P.G. D.C.A.
Data Preparation & Computer Software
Diploma in Computer Application & Multilingual DTP


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