Imarat Shariah have been distributed WOOLEN CLOTH, BLANKETS, CASH and TIN SHEDS among Kashmir Earthquake victims in 27 Villages.
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I hope that by the grace of God you will be alright. Your attention was drawn towards pitiable condition of Muslim brothers and for their immediate help due to devastating earthquake in Kashmir only God will bless you for your special attention and extended to Kashmiri Muslims. The distribution of cash, blankets, food stuff, construction and repair of mosques and houses and materials for erecting shades and Tents for earthquake victims.

9:30 AM of 8th October, 2005 came as a hart rending morning for the Kashmiries which culminated in earthquake of its highest magnitude, whether it was earthquake or a shadow of day of doom can only be imagined by those who were faced it. This earthquake entirely destroyed Muzaffarabad on the one side and raised to ground the border areas of Indian administered Kashmir on the other. Hundred percent houses were demolished and huge loss of life and property were noticed. The destruction was high that mosque madrasa and houses were not left.

The capitalists of yesterday become beger in one day. It was difficult to arrange the funerals of dead bodies after taking them out from debries. The cold biting has also been playing a serious roll for the existence of the sufferers.

In these circumstances a three member relief team led by the Anisur Rahman Qasmi, Secretary, Trust was constituted in consultation with Hazrat Amir-e-Shariat Maulana Syed Nizamuddin Saheb the very next day and left for Kashmir. This team assessed the situation itself and consoled the victims. It was really a difficult job to provide relief and help in view of Zigzag roads and biting cold. Inspite of this the delegation of Imarat Shariah faced to odds with courage and boldness and reached to the victims and helped them.

Our delegation stayed in "Darul Olum Rahmania Bandipra Distt. Baramullah". It is to br remembered that among the worst affected districts by the earthquake is Tahsil KarnaTangdhar of district Kupwara where as the other Tahsil is Ori of district Baramullah. Two separate teams were constituted for these two districts and both the managed to deliver relief materials with promptness in very difficult situation. The team went on foot in mountainous way and distributed woolen cloths, blankets and cash for construction of houses among victims of Kandi, Dildar, Batbora, Chhakot, Chitrakot, Bahadurkot, Aib Kot, Phusri, Kandi Saidan, Kandi Gujran, Dargar, Titwal Karma and Tangdar.

Hundred person houses have been completely destroyed in the entire these areas. Hundreds of people have died. This area is adjacent to border of Pakistan which is thousands feet high from earth level people are biding their lives in pitiable condition with their children and cattle under open sky. More than 24 persons have taken shelter in one tent. They have neither any thing to eat nor blanket to protect themselves from cold. The team of Imarat Shariah distributed among them food stuff, blankets and also supplied them shads materials to prepare temporary houses.

After these, the delegation went towards Uri sector. Uri Tahsil is situated in Baramulla district. This is area of frontier and very much sensitive. The relief work by the delegation was itself a very difficult job.

In spite of these the members of the delegation did relief work with great zeal observing fast during the month of Ramzan after written permission obtained from Military to work in this area blankets and cash were distributed among the victims reaching on the peak of the mountain covering miles of journey on foot. The inhabitants were inspired for immediate construction of every destroyed mosque and they were fully helped. Hundreds of bodies are still traceless. The members of this delegation under the leadership. Imams of mosques reached on foot in Kamal Kot, Busgeran, Naupura, Marian, Barjala, Bal Kot, Jabla, Bagra, Bandi, Sultan, Daki, Ranchhi, Sukhra, Humdarb, Shalkot, Salambad, Balkot, Goalan Warula and Goalana and did the relief work among the sffected and needy people. No eye can remain dry after seeing the people of Arosa and Gualna which were worst affected. Innocent children were seen weeping young men and women have taken shelter in bush to save themselves from cold and snow. Aroosa is the last check post of India's border. Aroosa is only 2.5 k.m. from command check post which is known as Aman Setu. The roads have become dangerous for the vehicles. To reach Aroosa and Gualna. No relief work could be done in area till 22nd October. The Jawans of Army surprised to our Relief Team when we reached Aroosa Check post after arduous journey on foot for 5 hrs. of in difficult terrain as there was no any way to reach there except helicopter. Anyway the members of delegation with sympathy distributed among the affected, the relief materials.


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