I appreciate what I have seen in the clinic and the noble work offered to the poors specially. [Abdullah Omer Naseef, Vice-President, Parliament of Saudi Arabia-KSA]
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Charges to be Paid by Student

AT: Moh: Mahdauli, Near Sadar P.S. Town Darbhanga, Ph.:06272 - 220017
Estd. : 1995


The District of Darbhanga is a flood ravaged, one adjacent to Nepal Border having 60% of its population below poverty line. To improve their lots, Quazi Saheb in pursuance of the objectives of the Trust prompted one of his relatives Alhaj Er. Md. Saleh Sb. and others donate some piece of land for the establishment of a technical institute. It was done by them in Mohalla Mahdauli, in the township of Darbhanga, near Sadar Police Station. The main building of the institute was constructed with a liberal monetary donation of a noble man Dr. Mojibur Rahman of Darbhanga. A workshop has been constructed from the M.P. fund provided by Mr. M.A. Fatmi, Ex- M.P. Darbhanga. May God bless the donors and all the co-operators. One being established in the year 1995 and after duly recognized by N.C.V.T. Govt. of India it has been running smoothly providing standard teaching and training in the different I.T.I. trades like D.M. (Civil), Plumber, Fitter, Welder. The trades of Electrician and Electronics are to be started from the coming session. The admission process and timing is the same as mentioned earlier.

Table showing the position:

Name of the Dept. Course Duration Eligibility Sanctioned seats for admission every year Present Position No. of Students passed out since 19995-2002
1st Year 2nd Year
Welder 1Year Matriculation 38 38 x 169
Plumber 1Year Matriculation 38 38 x 159
Fitter 2Year Matriculation 38 19 19 97
D.M. Civil 2Year Matriculation 19 15 14 73
Electrician 2 years Matriculation 38 - - -

Total Product till 2002 = 498    


S. No. Name and Address Designation
1. Maulana Anisur Rahman Quasmi Sb. President
2. Jb. Irfan Sb. Advocate Vice-President
3. Jb. Alhaj Md. Saleh Sahib Secretary
4. Prof. Salahuddin Md. Azam Sahib Joint Secretary
5. Jb. Ataur Rahman Sb. Treasurer
6. Jb. Syed Zafar Ahmed Sb. Member
7. Jb. Ashraf Azam Sb. Member
8. Prof. A. Matin Sb. Member


The Draughtsman is concerned with the drawing and estimates of the Civil Engineering. Architectural and town planning work before starting construction of any project, it is necessary to prepare its detailed drawing. From the drawing actual construction is done by the executing authority.
We train-up the youths in such a way that should know the universal rules of drawings, method of construction and representation of various objects as per set rules and regulations of drawing.
The utility and demand of Draughtsman are growing day by day in the present advancing world. They have wide scope of job opportunities both in different. Govt. Departments and in private construction projects. But what matter is the ability.


Now-a-days pipe fitting works to convey the liquids from one place to another have become the principal means. In the cities and in the country sides as well, water is collected, distributed and disposed of mainly through pipes. Besides, many types of chemicals, liquids like kerosene, diesel, petroleum etc. are also transferred from one place to another by means of pipes.
So the pipe works (Plumbing) and particularly a plumber plays a vital rile in the development of the country. We train-up the youths in this trade to start the job of plumbers and to earn their livelihood so that they may well be independent.


In the present industrial and metallic age, the welding science has acquired a great significance. Basically the welding method is applied for joining two similar and de-similar metal pieces. This is a cheaper method of joining the pieces of metallic. A welder is capable of earning his livelihood in an easier way even on a very small capital. These days with the advent of welding science has lessen the dependence of mankind on wood and wood related items even in the households. Hence, a welder has got a very good scope of earning in the market.


The fitting work which is performed by a fitter is one of the basic handy technology in mechanical field. A fitter works with small tools and equipment with the help pf human hands for fitting and assembling different parts of machine. While performing the fitting work with regard to any marking cutting, filling, drilling and threading etc. During this mechanical age it is very easy to under-stand the importance of a fitter and its market value. It is a fact that there is dearth of trained fitters in small and big industries both in Indian and abroad.


Our institute has the credit to have qualified, experienced and devoted team of teachers on its roll. Classes are run from 7.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. as per routine. We have provided extra curricular activities for all rounded development of the students. Keeping in view the irregular supply of electricity we have provided a generator to run the practical classes smoothly. Occasionally we arrange group discussions, debates and programmess of lecture of the honourable dignitaries.
While imparting teaching and training we are emphatically concerned with the character building of the student by providing moral lectures to arouse among them a high sense of discipline, social responsibility and work culture, so that our product may be useful for the mankind in real sense of the term.
Our Institute is not a commercial one. Our motto is to serve the mankind and this is why we provide teaching and training on lesser charges. We conduct monthly tests and after every three months, the students have to appear at the competitive examination where they are rewarded on the basis of their performance. We have adopted this process only to arouse curiosity among the students to learn and to develop habit of study and fair examination. Unfortunately these days academic environment is generally vitiated and not proper in the institutions of Bihar. This is know to every body. Our these efforts have undoubtedly produced better results.


There is a rich library in our Institute which possesses valuable and standard books magazines and periodicals containing latest development in the fields of different trades. The library hall is used as a reading room as well and it is open to students from 9.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M. Books are issued to the individual students on the library card. The library is managed by a teacher and librarian.


To encourage the poor but meritorious students we have got some provision to provide financial assistance to them after admission in the institute from P.B.F. and from Bihar Minority Finance Corporation and some other N.G.O's.


It is universal truth that discipline is the precondition for the peace progress and prosperity. In this background it is an open secret that without the enforcement of strict discipline we would not be able to develop the institutions as a model one which is our prime objective. In this view of the matter the students admitted in this institute shall have to abide by the rules regulations and the directions of the Management at all costs. The Management reserves the right to penalize and even to expel and remove a student found indulged in acts of indiscipline as such acts are not in the interest of any one.


Admission to various courses in our institute is open to all without any distinction or religion, caste and creed on all India written test basis conducted by the Institute and only successful candidates are admitted on merit basis.
The admission notice is given in all the leading National and State level newspaper after 15th June, which contains detailed information with regard to submission of application from and date or written test.
Application form and prospectus may be had on cash payment or Rs. 100/- from the office of institute or by sending Rs. 150/- by M.O. / Bank Draft in favour of "Imarat Mojibia Technical Institute", Mahdauli, Darbhanga.
Application forms duly filled in along with cash of Rs. 50/- as a test examination fee should reach the Institute office by…………
Minimum required qualification for admission in ITI courses is Matriculation.
Candidates possessing certificate of Fauqania of Moulvi Madhyam etc. from Madrasa Education Board / Sanskrit Education Board are not eligible to admitted in different trades of ITI courses except in Plumber & Welder.
At the Time of admission a candidate has to submit original mark sheet of Matriculation & School Leaving certificate in the office of the Institute. All admitted students shall have to produce income, caste and residential certificate within a month in the institute office. Photostat or attested copies of these documents will not do.
Desirous persons seeking admission should have sufficient knowledge of General knowledge, English, Hindi, Math & Physics upto Matriculation level.


  1. 1. Timing for classes are 7.00 am to 2.00 pm (Morning Shift) & 10.00 am to 5.00 pm (Day Shift).
  2. 2. Fee or charges once received will in no case be refunded or transferred. Except that 40% of the caution money will be refunded when the final examination is over.
  3. 3. Application forms supplied by the Institute for admission is nontransferable and the amount received as cost of the form and entrance test fee are non refundable and transferable.
  4. 4. While filling up application for admission to ITI courses three trades are to be mentioned in order of preference.
  5. 5. Candidates seeking admission in any trade should not be below 14 years pr above 40 years of age on 1st August in the year of admission.
  6. 6. Forms must be filled in correctly complete in all respect and required documents and photographs must be enclosed as mentioned in the form and prospectus.
  7. 7. A form filled in wrongly with misleading information or incomplete will not be enterained.
  8. 8. Only those candidates will be allowed to appear at the entrance test who have go admit cards issued by the institute.
  9. 9. The candidates selected for admission shall have to submit original Marks Sheet and SLC/ CLC/ TC at the time of admission.


  1. 1. The Trainees admitted in the Institute have to abide by the rules and regulation of the Institute strictly.
  2. 2. The Management reserves the right to take stern disciplinary action against a trainees if found indulged in acts of indiscipline.
  3. 3. Punctuality is the essence of discipline. If one comes late he may not be allowed to attend the classes.
  4. 4. Classes must be attended regularly. A trainee who absent him self from training for 10 consecutive days without permission or information will be treated as absconder and his name will be struck off with effect from the day of his absence. However if the trainee returns up with in 2 weeks he may be admitted on payment of Rs. 200/- as readmission charge.
  5. 5. For unauthorized absence by a trainee for less than 10 consecutive days a written will issued by the Principal. If the offence is repeated he may be expelled from the institute.
  6. 6. A trainee who has less than 80% attendance of actual working day is not eligible for the final trade Test conducted by the Govt. of India under the aegis of NCVT.
  7. 7. Where a trainee absent himself for more than half number of day i.e. less than 50% for whatever reasons at any point of time the will not be allowed to continue his training and his name will be struck off.



Trade Duration Adm. Fee Full Course Fee Lib. Caution Money Lib. Caution Money Poor Boys Fund Misc. Charge Dev. Charges Total
Plumber 1 year 500 4500 100 100 100 300 400 6000
Welder 1 year 500 6500 100. 100. 100 300 400 8000
D.M. Civil 2 years 700 11900 100 100 200 400 600 14000
Futter 2 years 700 15900 100 100 200 400 600 18000

(a) For admission in Plumber & Welder trade one has to pay at lest 4800/- & 6400/- respectively at the time of admission and the remaining amount of course fee must be paid within six months either in one or different installments.
(b) For admission in Fitter & D.M. (Civil) a student has to pay at least 14400/- & 11200/- respectively at the time of admission and the remaining amount of course fee must be paid within a year in one or in different installments. If any students fails to pay the remaining amount before 30th June, he will not be entitled to be promoted in second year.
(c) After admission no amount will be refunded even if any body drops his study for any reason in the institution. However, the amount of caution money is refundable after deducting 40% when the final examination is over.
(d) While filling up your application forms for admission to I.T.I. courses choose any three trades and write in order of preference.
(e) All candidates seeking admission in different trades should not be less than 14 years and more than 40 years on 1st August in the year of admission.

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