I appreciate what I have seen in the clinic and the noble work offered to the poors specially. [Abdullah Omer Naseef, Vice-President, Parliament of Saudi Arabia-KSA]
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The devastating effect caused by the monsterous super cyclone on 29th October 1999 in several district of state of Orissa is known all over the world over, needless to mention that Million of peoples become homeless and thousands of people were killed 35 villages in the coastal district completely washed away. The cyclone having speed of 250 km/h abd iceabub tude virtually finished thousands and thousand living being within hours. Not only that the after effect of the history making natural calamity has been continuing creating unhigenic situation due to lac of food and clean water.

As a matter of fact the destruction was unimaginable and it was natural measurable situation attracted the human soules involved in governmental and non government organization.

Under the situation our organization . The IMARAT SHARIAH which has on its credit for undertaking relief works during the time of natural calamities since its inception, came forward to provide relief to the suffering humanity.

The Aameere Shariat Maulana Syed Nezamuddin and the Nazim Maulana Anisur Rahman Quasmi instructed to its offices situated at Phulwari Sharif, Patna and Cuttak Orissa start surver work and simultaneously dispatched releifmaterial for all the eleven effected districts in the shape of different Food materials cloths, medicines etc,. to be distributed among the sufferer's through Agencies.

The Nazim Anisur Rahman Qasmi himself visited the effected area along with other fellowmen. After survey the IMART SHARIAH under took difficult problem of rehabilitation and got hundreds of huts and mud built houses constructed for the immediate shelter of the homeless that cost millions of rupees. It has got hundreds of mosques and madarsa reconstructed and has the plan to construct hundreds of Brick Built mosque and madarsas.

A glimpse of the following break up of the distributed materials, besides cash, will reveal the cost of the relief.

(1)       Blankets 22 Thousand
(2)       Polthene Sheets 1.25 Million kg.
(3)       Sari 8118
(4)       Lungi 8478
(5)       Utensils 1000 Sets
(6)       Lantern 500
(7)       Bucket 500
(8)       Rice 7000 Kg.
(9)       Pulses 450 Kg.
(10)       Flour 2000 Kg.
(11)       Potato 7000 Kg.
(12)       Choora 2700 Kg.
(13)       Medicines 3 Contener
(14)       New Cloth 30 Bundles

We are thankful to the Muslims brotheren of Bihar, Bengal, Gujarat, Madras and Kanrnatka.

Who through their liberal contribution came forward to stand by the strenos effort being made by our organization on our appeal thanks Allah our brothers encouraged us and enabled us to help the victims Till now we have spend about one and half Billion rupees.

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