I appreciate what I have seen in the clinic and the noble work offered to the poors specially. [Abdullah Omer Naseef, Vice-President, Parliament of Saudi Arabia-KSA]
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Keeping in view the needs of the modern industrial world, Imarat Shariah under its fourth Ameer-e-Shariat, Maulana Minnatullah Rahmani, in consultation with Hazrat Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi and Mualana Syed Nizamuddin, the then General Secretary, Planned to establish technical institutions in different parts of Bihar & Orissa. They hopefully thought about the modern day industrial needs, They felt that without providing technical uplift them socially and economically and in this view of the matter to save them from lagging behind in the race of progress.

But unfortunately the fourth Ameer left for the heavenly abode in the year 1991. Consequently Hazrat Maulana Abdur Rahman, a profound scholar and great sufi wali of the day was elected the 5th Ameer. Under Ameer during his patronage, Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi and the then Nazim(General Secretary) the present Ameer -e-Shariat Maulana Syed Nizamuddin undertook the task of establishing institutes of technical education transforming the dreams of the fourth Ameer into reality.

A trust with the name IMARAT-E-SHARIAH EDUCATIONAL & WELFARE TRUST was made under the orders of 5th Ameer Hazrat Maulana Abdur Rahman through which a number of technical institutions as listed below have been established:

  1. Imarat Institute of Computer & Electronics, Phulwari Sharif, Patna
  2. M.M. Rahmani Memorial Tech. Institute, Phulwari Sharif, Patna
  3. M.M. Rahmani Memorial Tech. Inst. (Pathology), Phulwari Sharif, Patna
  4. Imarat Mujibia Tech, Institute, Mahdauli, Darbhanga
  5. Reyaz Industrial Tech. Institute, Sathi ( West Champaran)
  6. Imarat Tech. Institute, Gulab Bagh, Purnia
  7. Imarat Umar Technical Training Centre
  8. Usman Ghani Imarat Computer Centre
And under welfare scheme of the Trust, hospitals have also been established at Phulwari Sharif and at Darbhanga. These Institutions have been rendering valuable services towards benefit of the Muslim community in all respects. More over establishing this sort of institutions and hospitals, at Chatra, Ranchi, Rourkela (Orissa) is in future programmes. Alhamdulillah as a result of these efforts more than 2000 well trained skilled Muslim youths have succeeded in securing different jobs both in India and abroad. Similarly thousands and thousands of poor patients of all communities are being benefited through our hospitals.

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